Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Clarks casting and a trip to Sealife

Today Mya had a casting for Clarks.

Her feet were measured and the photographer took a few pictures and off we went. Now it's just a waiting game to see if she books the job or not. As I do after each casting, I've got my fingers tightly crossed.

After the casting we took a spontaneous trip to Sealife. I've been before well over 10 years ago and have never had the chance to take Mya.
She was initially scared as the entrance was a bit dark. Once we got through she was fine and full of awe. I was in two minds of how she'll be but was glad that she was so excited and happy to spend the day with mummy on another adventure.

Mya wanted to look at everything and for mummy to read all the information. She was very intrigued and I hope this trait sticks with her for as long as possible. She absolutely loved the sharks and we spent most of our time observing them and looking at their teeth.

We had an amazing day and I'm so glad I had the time and chance to take Mya there.

It was £22 for my admission and free for Mya as she is under the age of 4. I'd rate Sealife as 8/10 but my day a 10/10! Sealife is a great place to take children and I'd recommend going if your children are nearing the age of 4. I want to take Mya to as much things she can get into for free as these trips can end up being so expensive.

I wonder where our next adventure will take us. 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Lewisham People's Day and realising Mya is growing up

Yesterday I decided to take Mya to Lewisham People's Day. I actually had not planned to go but the weather was so nice and thought why not. A nice free day out would be good... Boy was I wrong! When you become a parent yourself you then realise there is no such thing as a free day out.

Whenever Mya sees another child with their face painted she'll easily spot the face painter. So that was the first £2 spent. The face painter was very impressive and done each child quite quickly and they all looked like she had spent so much time on them. Mya asked for a butterfly design which looked so pretty.

I'm considering booking her for Mya's 4th birthday party in September.

The next set of money went on two rides. A bus ride and a helicopter ride which went up in the air. I was so surprised that Mya went on them as a year ago she'd have NEVER have done that. From that moment I realised that my baby was growing up 😢. I felt so happy and proud to know that not only did she want to go on it but she stayed on it. So another £4 spent.

The queues for food were rather long but that would never stop me from queuing for some jerk pork and rice and peas!
After we ate that it was time for another ride. One that myself and Mya could experience together. That was a Dumbo the Elephant ride that was so high we were above the crowd. That was £3 each. It was nice seeing the youngsters enjoying themselves and made me have flashbacks of my younger days going there.

Mya had a lovely day and that's all I can ask for as a mother.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Mya ❤️

Mya is my 3 year old daughter. My life revolves around her entirely!
She's a little model and we see her shoots and update sessions as a fun adventure.

The ages of 2-3 is usually a quiet age for modelling and I totally understand why. Seriously who would want to work with toddlers of that age lol. 
She surely is at the stage of finding herself and testing boundaries. She knows exactly what she is doing, what she wants and how to play mummy.

Back to her modelling... Mya is not a busy model and hasn't really had constant work but I'm happy with the amount she's had and what she's done. I won't go into what she done last year but I'll talk about this year so far.

In January she shot for Matalan and her picture was featured on Matalan's Middle East website. Mya had done many shoots before this but I was more excited about this one as it was her first retail store shoot.

In April she shot for a lovely brand called Susie and Toto. Their clothes are beautiful and have a lovely range for girls and boys. Check out their site which currently has a sale on the spring/summer 2015 range with up to 30% off!

The last week of June and first week of July she shot for Boots Mini Club over two days for their autumn/winter range. Mya really enjoyed herself at these shoots and had a lovely time meeting new friends and taking pictures by a Christmas tree. It's so weird seeing a Christmas tree up and decorations in the middle of summer. Poor Mya was baking in her outfits which included tights and fluffy coats. Mya's pics will hopefully be online and in stores from September!

She also shot for Paxley sunglasses at a beautiful beach location. Botany Bay. I'd recommend this beach as it's secluded and very clean.

Ok I think I've gone on and was waffling lol

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Boring introduction

Hi. I'm Reanne. I'm 25 years old and a mother to an AMAZING 3 year old called Mya Autumn.
This blog is something I'm going to try keep up with lol.
My life is boring but at the same time so hectic that I can't even keep up with it myself...