Sunday, 12 July 2015

Lewisham People's Day and realising Mya is growing up

Yesterday I decided to take Mya to Lewisham People's Day. I actually had not planned to go but the weather was so nice and thought why not. A nice free day out would be good... Boy was I wrong! When you become a parent yourself you then realise there is no such thing as a free day out.

Whenever Mya sees another child with their face painted she'll easily spot the face painter. So that was the first £2 spent. The face painter was very impressive and done each child quite quickly and they all looked like she had spent so much time on them. Mya asked for a butterfly design which looked so pretty.

I'm considering booking her for Mya's 4th birthday party in September.

The next set of money went on two rides. A bus ride and a helicopter ride which went up in the air. I was so surprised that Mya went on them as a year ago she'd have NEVER have done that. From that moment I realised that my baby was growing up 😢. I felt so happy and proud to know that not only did she want to go on it but she stayed on it. So another £4 spent.

The queues for food were rather long but that would never stop me from queuing for some jerk pork and rice and peas!
After we ate that it was time for another ride. One that myself and Mya could experience together. That was a Dumbo the Elephant ride that was so high we were above the crowd. That was £3 each. It was nice seeing the youngsters enjoying themselves and made me have flashbacks of my younger days going there.

Mya had a lovely day and that's all I can ask for as a mother.

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