Wednesday, 20 January 2016

When will it be the right time for me to have another baby?

This week has been rather hectic. I've been helping mum move and have felt overwhelmed with all the things I've found that brought back memories of my pregnancy and when Mya was a baby.

Seeing my scan pictures again made me feel so amazed. The things a female body can do is breathtaking. It's so beautiful that my body allowed me to grow and nurture my baby in my womb. It's still hard to believe that it is Mya whilst looking at the pictures. It's a weird feeling and I've heard other mothers speak about it whilst looking at their scan pictures too.

All of these emotions has left me feeling broody... Once again!

So when is the right time for me to have another baby?

I couldn't tell you how many times I've been asked when am I going to have another baby or that I shouldn't leave the gap so big. People seem to forget that there are no rules or laws as to when it is the right time to have another baby or not. What's right for one family may not particularly work for another.

Mya is now 4 years old and starts primary school this September. I feel like in the next year or two it will be the right time for ME to have another baby. I see this as a good age gap between the two children for myself to be able to cope with more than one child. I became a mum at 21 years old, now at 26 I believe I am more confident and wiser. It's a good time for Mya too (she has been asking for a sibling for 2 years now). Although she's already very independent I think it'll grow greatly once she has a little brother or sister.

Here are a few pros and cons of having children close in age from parents I've had conversations with vs the pros and cons of having a bigger age gap (4+ years).

Having children close in age

- get the tough early years over faster
- same naptime/bedtime
- easier to get siblings into the same school 

- constantly potty/toilet training
- not much one-to-one time
- competition between siblings

Having children with a bigger age gap

- a break between sleep deprivation in early years
- not having to worry about having more than one child in nappies
- the older child can "help out"

- siblings do not have a close relationship (not in my case. My sister is my best friend and she's 4 and a half years younger than me)
- siblings not understanding each other
- siblings find it difficult sharing attention 

There are plenty more pros and cons but please do not forget that every family is different! If you have any pros and cons you'd like to share please leave a comment below for others to read.

I've got some baby making practice to do ;-)

Mumma who tries x

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