Monday, 1 February 2016

February: The month of love

January is now officially over! The warm up month has ended and we are now into the second month of the year.

As this month is dedicated to LOVE I hope to follow this theme throughout this months blog posts.

"Love" can be interpreted AND misinterpreted in many ways very often. How one describes love can be different to how another describes it. I personally cannot tell you what my definition of love is because... I just can't. Love to me is indescribable. It's a deep feeling that's overwhelming that I just cannot put into words.

In preparation for Valentine's Day we have been doing some arts and crafts which we will use for decorations, keepsakes and gifts. So far we have made bookmarks and 'made with love' pictures. They are easy to make and great activities to do with your children. I'm sure if you make them for loved ones they'll be truly grateful as they were 'made with love'.

Mya loves colouring and painting and would sit down doing this all day long if she could. This gave me the idea to make something that I wouldn't want to throw away. As parents we all get bombarded with multiple pictures and paintings a week from your children that you cannot possibly keep them all. Whether due to lack of space or even because you just simply don't like it (being honest). This is something special that you could hang with pride.

For this we used a heart stencil sheet on a blank canvas. Using acrylic paints we made our picture by finger painting. Mainly just by dipping our fingers in the paint and pressing gently on the canvas. Mya was really impressed with our art work and can't wait for it to be hung up. 

Being a mum is so rewarding. Seeing your child excited and happy to do activities with you is so amazing. Loving a partner is beautiful but when you have a child you just cannot compare that love for it is much stronger. That unconditional love... So bliss!

Mumma who tries x

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