Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The roller coaster ride of finding out our primary school place

This post is a timeline of my day. I felt empty, so sick and nervous.

1.21. Check site... Nothing 
2.30. Bladder is full. Should I hold it and try to sleep or get up
2.35. Get up it is 
2.36. Check site... Nothing 
5.40. Check site... Nothing
8am. Call gp surgery for an appointment for myself and Mya 
8.08. Moan at mum for calling me. I told her yesterday not to call me and that I'd call her
9am. Check site... Nothing 
10am. Check site... Still fucking nothing. Obviously there's nothing, results are not published until after 5pm
10.46. Shani sends a message on Whatsapp. Wtf is wrong with her and mum. I tell her not to stress me and that she shouldn't bother me 
11am. Gp appointment 
13.38. Call from Shani. Woke me up from a nice sleep. I was dreaming too. Not that I can remember what it was about 
14.43. Shout at mum for telling my Aunty to call me. I'm trying to block out the world (she already knew this)
14.49. Check site... Nothing 
14.50. Check inbox, junk and deleted to see if I've missed anything just in case. Groupon emails can do one!!! Today is not the day for good deals 
15.06. Check site... Nothing 
15.13. Phone vibrates and my heart jumps... Just an email from discount vouchers... SIGH 
15.55. Mum says grandma is coming soon. JESUS!!! I really don't need her here right now
16.01. Check site... Nothing. Ok maybe an hour later 
16.36. Ffs I can't cope. I can't be waiting all evening. This is not right. Why would you do this to parents???
16.48. Check site... Nothing... Feeling... My chest is tight 
16.53. Can hear mum telling grandma that I'm stressed and have 7 minutes left till 5pm. That gut wrenching feeling right at the pit of my stomach now. The thing is obviously I'd prefer my first preference but I just don't like the fact that the council gets to choose where MY child goes to school 
17.00. Check site... Nothing. Fucking nothing
17.00. *Ping* email. Heart racing. Junk mail kmt!!!
17.03. Email from pinterest
17.04. Check site... First preference!!!!
Scream and run to mum and grandma who are now panicking because they don't know what's wrong with me. I manage to tell them that Mya got in to our first preference school. (When I say our I really mean my). Tears of joy!

The rest of the evening was spent with a big smile on my face. I felt so relieved. Now I can start uniform shopping. 

A relieved Mumma who tries x