Sunday, 11 September 2016

The first week of primary school

That special moment many of us were waiting for... The first day and week of primary school!

This was a huge leap into the unknown for both myself and Mya. Almost as if it was a new beginning for us. Mya was going to a school where none of her nursery friends were going to. She was worried that she wouldn't make new friends and as a mother that made me feel anxious. I explained to her why children go to different schools (didn't really add that it's a luck of the draw from the local council) and assured her that she will make friends. 

I didn't sleep at all the night before. I experienced a roller coaster of emotions and many of them were unnecessary. I was happy but at the same time I felt upset and angry. Happy as well as upset that my little, big girl is growing up. Angry because I couldn't believe I had let my mind run wild and not just go to sleep!!!

I woke up extra early to make sure everything was ready and to mentally prepare myself. When Mya got up she was beaming and shouted "This is my day Mumma!". BIG smiles were worn by the both of us.

We got dressed and done an obligatory in front of the door picture that many parents take. After that we set out on our 15 minutes walk to school.

I had a very eager little girl who was excited to go in her new class. Her teacher advised those parents whose children were settled to leave... That was my cue... My baby didn't need me there. I stood staring through the classroom window and left when I was ready to let go.

The first week reception class was only there for half day so were to be collected after lunch. Those 3 and a half hours went by so fast and it was time to pick up my school girl. As expected she had an amazing day which turned out to be an amazing week. For someone who was afraid that she wouldn't make any friends, she now has many new friends and two new best friends.

Things I've learnt/tips in the first week 

1. Set multiple alarms for yourself and child/ren. To wake up, be ready by and to leave.

2. Plan the route to school beforehand and a plan b route.

3. Buy enough uniform if you do not want to be washing clothes more often.

4. Label EVERYTHING! Including shoes!

5. Immediately ask how their day was, what they learned, who they played with, what they ate for lunch etc. Sometimes getting information out of children is like drawing blood from a stone.

6. Check your child/rens book bag daily. You do not want to miss out on vital information such as trip dates, own clothes day, cerificates etc.

7. Get everyone in an evening routine (including yourselves). How ever it works for you. For us it's TV time, dinner, bath, story and bed.

Lastly... Enjoy every moment!

Until next time from the new school mum.

Mumma who tries x

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